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Roadmap to Registry 2.0 | Syncing Your Outcomes to the AACVPR Registry

Roadmap to Registry 2.0 | Syncing Your Outcomes to the AACVPR Registry

Since the launch of the AACVPR Registry, one thing has remained clear, outcomes-based measurement isn’t going away any time soon. Are you set up for success? Today we’re launching part three of our new series, Roadmap to Registry 2.0, where we’re exploring the current state of the registry and where the next steps (what we’re calling, Registry 2.0) will lead the industry. If you’re just joining the conversation, you can find part one: history and part two: national outcomes and impact here.

When LSI stepped up as the founding sponsor of the AACVPR Registry, we knew our commitment spanned beyond simply putting our name behind it. Supporting the Registry also meant thoughtfully adapting our technology to further streamline clinician’s ability to track patient outcomes. To show our technology in action, we spoke with Registry user Marion Harris-Barter, RN, BSN, MEd, to talk about how Lee Memorial Health System integrates LSI’s Registry Sync technology to their patient care process.

MHB: “We’ve been using the Registry since its beginning, to document our program outcomes in a nationally recognized database, and to be able to compare our outcomes with other programs data. With our two programs, we’ve used LSI’s built-in outcomes software for just over a year at one and about 6 months at the other. All our patients are entered into the Registry. We see around 80 patients/day at one program and around 55/day at the other.”


LSI’s software uses an application programming interface (API) to make it possible to send your outcome data directly to the Registry with a single click. This means when clinicians enter their outcomes data in the LSI system, they don’t go through double work entering them again into the AACVPR Registry website, saving time that could be better spent with patients.

MHB: “Since we have a larger program, all our staff enter data into the Registry now that we are entering it through LSI. We have multiple work stations, so it is easily available to all staff. It is very easy and less time consuming to enter the Registry data through LSI.”

Don’t want to commit to syncing records every day? Whether you sync every 6 months or every year, LSI Registry Sync is set up to work on a convenient schedule for your practice. To keep track, you’re able to see a list of all synced patients and those ready to sync.

MHB: “As the supervisor of our programs, I am able to retrieve data on our participants, which also allows me to make sure outcomes on our patients have been completed. Usually I sync data when I audit monthly.”


LSI Sample Outcomes LSI Registry Sync Sample

We’ve built our system around our users, striving to make using the Registry as streamlined and integrated as possible, including features like:

  • Multiple Data Entry Options | Use text, dropdown menu, radio button and checkbox features to add data entry efficiency.
  • Pre-participation Data Entry | Begin entering patient data to the LSI system even before you participate in the Registry.
  • Clinical Component Tabs | Use separated tabs to move between each of the six clinical component tabs (patient summary, demographics, medical history, program, clinical tools, hospital utilization).
  • Intake, Discharge and Follow Up | Enter and track data for three different patient timeframes.
  • Tool Tip | Use provided field validation for normal, valid, and outside data ranges.
  • Data Validation | Check for missing validated data elements required to submit to the registry
  • Survey and Scoring Tools | Use built-in printable surveys and scoring tools.
  • Multiple Workstations | Enter data from all LSI workstations, not just one website log-in.


The case has become even more clear. Tracking and recording outcomes provides data to prove value and improve programs.

MHB: “Hospital wide, departments are expected to keep updated records of Performance Improvement. When we were audited, we were asked to speak about our data several times, and we used the data to change practices/processes to meet goals that we set. We also use the Registry at both of our programs for Program Certification. Outcomes validate our program! Our staff is proud of the work we do with our patients and our outcomes speak to that.”

 If you’re interested in receiving a demo of LSI’s technology including our Registry Sync feature, request and on-site demonstration here.  

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