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Automated tracking, robust reporting and clinical flexibility provide unmatched efficiency at your fingertips. Saving time means better patient care.

  • 16 Patients Per Workstation
    Monitor 16 patients per workstation while syncing data on a shared database with unlimited storage.
  • Advanced Arrhythmia & Alarm Detection
    Individualize patient parameters that expose warning signs with clear, audiovisual alarms and color coding.
  • EHR System Compatibility
    Enables bi-directional interfacing to any EHR with LSI’s proprietary HL7 interface engine.
  • Robust Reporting Engine
    Organize, preview and edit patient documentation any time from any LSI workstation.
  • HIPAA Compliance
    Ensure compliance with built-in security, customizable patient display options, multiple back up storage locations and available data encryption.
  • Touch-To-Chart
    Unmatched efficiency at your fingertips with an intuitive touch screen interface.


Continuous monitoring on a small, lightweight, wearable design delivers clear results with “patient proof” durability.

  • Artifact Rejection
    Cut down the use of replacement strips with clearer waveforms and accurate heart rates.
  • WMTS Frequency Band
    Operate with dependable communication of patient vital sign information.
  • Custom Antenna System
    Ensure expandable and flexible coverage throughout your facility with multiple antennas casting a halo of signal coverage.
  • Individual Lead Wires 
    Utilize independent patient wire hook-ups for a low-cost solution and reduced replacement rate.
  • Pacemaker Detection 
    Improve ability to accurately count heart rate by highlighting pacer spikes.
  • Remote Record Button
    Store ECG strips without leaving the patient’s side.
  • Waterproof Design
    Eliminate moisture and water damage with a durable transmitter design.
  • AAA Batteries
    Simplify technical maintenance with a cost-effective, off-the-shelf, disposable battery (rechargeable batteries supported).


Wireless, wearable and lightweight patient monitoring captures reliable data without compromising hands-on patient care.

  • Continuous Oximetry
    Send Sp02, pulse rate and pleth waveform data wirelessly to the TrensCenter® Central Station.
  • Portable & Durable
    Provide patient comfort with a small, lightweight design featuring interchangeable probes.
  • LCD Display
    Spot-check clinical data while maintaining supervised patient care.
  • PureSAT® Pulse Oximetry*
    Capture responses quickly and accurately even in challenging low-perfusion and high-motion conditions.
    *Trademark of Nonin Medical


The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) requires hospitals to maintain written policies and procedures that specify documentation required upon discharge. TrensCenter’s® discharge report can be customized to your clinical needs and automated to ensure your patient-care procedures and documentation meet regulatory standards and avoid compliance issues and fines.


Our easy to use monitors seamlessly integrate with the TrensCenter® Central Station, allowing you to choose any combination of monitoring parameters to meet multiple levels of patient acuity.

Our Monitors include these vital sign parameters:

  • 5-Lead ECG
  • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
  • SP02
  • Respiration
  • Dual Temperatures
  • All monitors include the following:

    • Data Collection
      Detect arrhythmias and analyze ST using up to 72 hours of graphical and tabular trending data.
    • Color LCD Touch Screen
      Track patient vitals on an easy-to-read screen for viewing multiple waveforms.
    • Touch Screen
      Simplify system interactions utilizing an intuitive touch screen interface.
    • Alarm System
      Expose warning signs early with clear, audiovisual alarms and color coding.
    • Neonatal Display
      Utilize NIBP list view and OxyCRG dynamic view display specific for the hospital’s neonatal care unit.
    • Compact Design
      Monitor mobile patients easily with compact design perfect for patient transport.
    • TrensCenter® Compatible
      Integrate with TrensCenter® Central Station through a hardwired or wireless interface for customizable mobility and flexibility.
    • Optional Feature
      Customize your monitor to include EtCO2, dual invasive blood pressures and on-board strip chart recorder.
    12” LCD Screen Large view screen for an easy-to-read screen for up to 8 waveforms.
    LSI LS-85t
    8″ LCD Screen Compact Design for simple spot-checking, standalone operation or integration into facility-wide monitoring and clinical documentation system.
    LSi LS35EXT
    15” LCD Screen Large view screen for an easy-to-read screen for up to 8 waveforms.
    10.4″ LCD Screen Compact design for simple transport and mobility paired with easy-to-read patient vitals for up to 6 waveforms.


    A successful project implementation addresses PHI security, EHR interfacing and data redundancy with multiple configuration options in order to improve healthcare delivery throughout your network.

    TC Secure
    Enhance HIPAA compliance by protecting PHI securely with user-tracking and detailed audit trails.

    Allow clinicians and physicians to electronically sign designated reports before sending to the hospital’s EHR.

    TC Remote Workstations
    Add flexibility and mobility to LSI’s patient monitoring system with our wireless turnkey solutions. Give users additional terminals with all the capabilities of the TrensCenter® Central Station, including waveform viewing of all patients simultaneously.

    Client Software Licenses
    Install the TrensCenter® Central Station features on any hospital-owned computer.

    EHR Interface
    Utilize LSI’s proprietary HL7 engine to custom interface with any EHR provider, including bi-directional capabilities for both incoming and outgoing data.

    Paperless Interface
    Eliminate scanning by electronically sending reports to any hospital drive or folder in a customized name and file format.




    LSI’s Quality Management System is certified by NSAI in ISO 13485:2016 for the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of cardiopulmonary patient monitoring systems.



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