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Roadmap to Registry 2.0 | A History of the AACVPR Registry

Roadmap to Registry 2.0 | A History of the AACVPR Registry

Since the launch of the AACVPR Registry, one thing has remained clear, outcomes-based measurement isn’t going away any time soon. Are you set up for success? In our new series, Roadmap to Registry 2.0, LSI is exploring the current state of the registry and where the next steps (what we’re calling, Registry 2.0) will lead the industry in the future.


In 2007, AACVPR started the conversation. What would it look like if cardiac and pulmonary rehabs across the country had a way to document patient outcomes, compare with national benchmarks and demonstrate the data-driven positive impact of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation?AACVPR Registry Timeline


Starting the registry required a view of the long term benefits, not simply short term rewards. When AACVPR searched for partners for the creation of the Registry in 2011,LSI was the only one who stepped up by giving unrestricted support to make its launch a reality. As the exclusive founding sponsor, LSI saw then that investing in the Registry today would mean a growing industry tomorrow.

After a process of data collection and platform development, by winter of 2011 the Registry was ready for a trial run in a select group of cardiac rehabs. In June 2012, the AACVPR Cardiac Rehabilitation Registry was officially launched, followed by the AACVPR Pulmonary Rehabilitation Registry in June 2013.


Today, the AACVPR registry is still the only tool that consistently tracks and monitors patient outcomes and effectiveness both a national and individual level. As the industry changes, it’s becoming clear that outcomes will continue to play an important factor in cardiopulmonary rehab certification, quality measurement and insurance reimbursements. Nationwide cardiac and pulmonary rehabs are beginning to integrate outcomes-tracking into their process:

AACVPR Cardiac Registry Map AACVPR Pulmonary Registry Map

Maps courtesy of AACVPR.


For the past 5 years, from beta testing to program use, LSI has continued our unwavering commitment to the Registry. LSI has sponsored almost half of the registry participants including 75 early adopters. The Registry is becoming increasingly vital to our industry and LSI leads the way in providing unparalleled guidance and support to help providers build a successful programs for the future.

As part of our commitment, LSI continues to help and guide our users with this great resource. To this day, LSI provides participation sponsorship with every new system installed. If you’re interested in participating in the Registry or have any questions, e-mail Marissa Stanczyk.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Roadmap to Registry 2.0 focused on national impact.

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