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Why we advocate for cardiopulmonary rehab

Why we advocate for cardiopulmonary rehab

Working with cardiopulmonary rehabs gives LSI a front row seat to its transformative value in the lives of patients on a daily basis. More often than not, cardiopulmonary rehabs need help convincing patients, doctors and hospital administrators of the vital importance of attending rehab as well as coming up with innovative ideas to improve and grow current programs.

At LSI, we understand the importance of advocating for and defending the value of the long-term vitality of cardiac care.


The benefits of cardiopulmonary rehab are undeniable. Patients see a significant reduction in mortality rates and experience improvement in key health factors like lipids and blood pressure. Hospital readmissions decrease and fewer medical resources are needed after patients complete rehab.

And perhaps most importantly, patients enjoy a higher quality of life.

Despite all of the benefits, cardiopulmonary rehabs are still underutilized by potential patients. The American Heart Association estimates that fewer than 20% of all eligible patients ever participate in a program even though cardiac rehab reduces mortality by more than 50% and reduces hospital readmissions by 25%.

Luckily, the current healthcare environment is evolving to overcome barriers to cardiac rehab access. The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced a new cardiac rehab incentive program to encourage early enrollment, increase referral rates and increase overall use. AACVPR has also launched a new resource center with tools and tactics to prepare for these changes. You can read more about the Roadmap to Reform (R2R) program here.


At LSI, we believe that our responsibility goes beyond just selling products. We’re committed to supporting you and your patients as cardiac care advances. That’s why over the next few months, LSI will be releasing new educational resources to help, including tracking outcomes utilizing the AACVPR Registry, explaining changes to program certification, providing tools to demonstrate the value of cardiac rehab, and innovating ideas to take your cardiopulmonary rehab to next level.

Take a look at our current educational library and stay tuned for new whitepapers, guides, and tools.

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