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Comprehensive Patient Monitoring: The S.E.E. Principle

Comprehensive Patient Monitoring: The S.E.E. Principle

The goal of any cardiac rehab program is to provide patients with the best, most comprehensive care possible. How can you make sure your program is achieving this goal? Follow the S.E.E. Principle.

SAFETY – Careful medical surveillance is vitally important to preventing another cardiac event for cardiac rehab patients. Staff should be trained to carefully observe and measure signs and symptoms, including heart rhythm, heart rate, pain, perceived exertion and fatigue. Developing individualized exercise prescriptions also helps programs safely and appropriately challenge their patients while improving their capacity and independence.

EFFECTIVENESS – Identifying, tracking and managing the measurement of patient outcomes in all areas, including health, clinical, behavioral and service is the best way to quantify the effectiveness of your program. Also, staff members should work with patients to set goals and identify the risk factors that are most important for them to change – this collaboration reinforces patients’ efforts to change and increases the likelihood of success.

EFFICIENCY – Finally, programs need to make the best possible use of the limited time they have with each patient. This means combining relationship building with motivational skills, applying the best scientific principles and practices, and the best technology available to collect, manage and report on data to patients, physicians and administrators.

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