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Stories from the Heart: Stephen Lerner, LSI Clinical Specialist

Stories from the Heart: Stephen Lerner, LSI Clinical Specialist

Stories from the Heart gives you a behind the scenes glimpse into the lives and passion of LSI team members and users. This month we invite you to meet Stephen Lerner, a Northeast Clinical Specialist with LSI.


Stephen Lerner LSIWhat did you do before you joined the LSI team?

I earned my Masters degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology from the University of Pittsburgh and was pre-Med as an undergraduate studying biology at University of Albany in New York. From there, I worked as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist for six and a half years in cardiology. Half of that time I was working in cardiopulmonary diagnostic testing, the other half in cardiac rehabilitation.

What do you love most about your specific role?

Working with LSI over the past year has been quite a rewarding experience for me. Whether it’s customizing an ITP, providing feedback regarding daily workflow or providing technical advice/assistance, it gives me great pleasure to use my six and a half years of clinical experience working in the cardiology and pulmonary fields to offer a consultative approach helping rehab professionals from all backgrounds. I also love being able to travel and meet different people.

LSI’s tagline is Dedicated to improving lives. How does your role contribute to the mission?

Helping the cardiopulmonary rehab staff use the LSI system more efficiently enables them to document better, which leads to more time spent engaging with patients. Better documentation also provides better reports to the patient’s physician, which can have a significant impact on care.

How have you seen our users’ or their patients’ lives improved by LSI products and team?

Many clinicians really like the Progress Report feature, typically used when patients follow up with their physician. On many occasions after an implementation I’ve heard feedback from the staff saying they love their new LSI system because it enables them to engage with patients more.

What do you love most about working for LSI?

For me, LSI means being treated like family. It makes it a lot easier to go out in the field when you know you are being supported 100% by your company.

What have you learned or how have you grown since working for LSI?

I’ve learned that different cardiopulmonary rehabs have different needs, therefore no two jobs are the same for me. This has helped me to really assess each program I visit on an individual basis to determine the best course of action with regard to training and implementation.


We’re grateful to have hard-working, passionate Clinical Specialists like Stephen as part of the LSI team. Thanks for your dedication to improving the lives of our users and their patients, Stephen.

Our consultative approach begins with a conversation about your rehab’s unique needs. To start a conversation with us, complete the form on our contact page or call 800-846-1279.

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