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Is Renting or Leasing Telemetry an Option for my Rehab?

Is Renting or Leasing Telemetry an Option for my Rehab?

LSI offers rental and leasing options to keep your focus where it’s needed most – on your patients, without having to settle for out-of-date equipment or unresponsive support.


  • If you’re a hospital with failing equipment and no room in your budget for improvements of repairs.
  • If you are current receiving inadequate service from another telemetry provider.
  •  If new purchases are hindered because of budgetary constraints.

We know that balancing hospital budget cycles, aging technology and positive patient outcomes is too often a real, day-to-day struggle for healthcare providers. That is why we have developed the following rental and leasing plans to help:


Deploy brand new monitoring equipment throughout your care process with an interest-free, monthly rental payment.


Lease an LSI system with a flexible contract life, which includes a monthly credit towards purchase at the end of the term.


Partner with us and take advantage of customized in-house financing plans to fit any budget. No tedious credit application involved, gaining full ownership at the end of the term.

Full warranty coverage on parts and labor are included at no charge for each program.

To speak to someone about the rental and leasing process, fill out this contact form and select ‘special financing options’ and we will be in touch shortly. 

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