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Hypertension | Know Your Numbers

Hypertension | Know Your Numbers

Every day in cardiac and pulmonary rehabs across the country hundreds of patients have their resting, exercise and recovery blood pressures taken by caring practitioners. This seemingly routine squeeze of the arm has a bigger impact than one might expect.


Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a daily reality for many cardiac and pulmonary rehab patients. The numbers speak for themselves:

Blood Pressure Statistics

One in three U.S. adults have hypertension. Additionally, two in three individuals 65 years of age or older are living with hypertension. These numbers are similarly stark for cardiopulmonary patients. Within cardiac rehab programs, hypertension is reported to be present in 48% of enrolled patients.*


Knowing personal risk factors is an important step for cardiopulmonary patients. Risk factors range from age, race and family history to daily health decisions (lack of physically active, obesity, smoking, salt-heavy diets, excess alcohol consumption). Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation offers behavioral intervention and education counseling to help manage hypertension and its associated risk factors. Simple lifestyle modifications can be very effective in lowering blood pressure.


May 17 has been declared Hypertension Day in honor of the compassionate cardiac and pulmonary providers who help make an impact on patients with high blood pressure every day. LSI would like to extend a special thank you for all the ways you help patients know their numbers and guide them with life-enhancing care. We are grateful for all you do.

*Source: Executive Summary of the third report of the Expert Panel on Detection, Evaluation and Treatment of High Blood Cholesterol in Adults, JAMA 289 (19): 2560-2572.

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