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How to Celebrate Cardiac Rehab Week 2017

How to Celebrate Cardiac Rehab Week 2017

Happy Cardiac Rehabilitation Week from all of us at LSI! To celebrate your dedication to improving lives, we’ve collected a few ideas for how you can easily celebrate Cardiac Rehab Week with your team and patients.


Decorate your space with positive cardiac rehab facts. 


Hanging informational flyers around the office is a simple way to raise awareness around the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation. To get you started, [download id=”6071″] and some tips on how to use them.

1. Simply hang them around the office using tape or thumb tacks. This can be an engaging way of sharing important, relevant information.

2. Turn the flyers into a trivia game by covering up the numbers with Post-It notes and asking patients to guess the number. If they get it right, patients win a special prize of your choice. Another variation on this game would be to ask patients to place their answers in a bowl along with their name and phone number. Patients with answers closest to the actual numbers win a prize.

3. Consider spreading awareness by posting the flyers throughout the hospital, thus informing others who are unaware of the benefits of cardiac rehab.

[download id=”6091″] and start the fun today! [download id=”6107″] in an easy-to-print format!


cardiac rehab week celebration idea

Take photos of Cardiac Rehab Week celebrators holding signs and share them with others. 

Posting photos of people to social media, newsletters, and bulletin boards is another fun, easy way to celebrate Cardiac Rehab Week and spread the word at the same time. Fill-in-the-blank signs are a great way for patients to share the impact of cardiac rehab in their own words. To jump start your photo project, we’ve created [download id=”6094″]. Here are three simple ways to use them:

1) Print off copies of each sign. Encourage others to grab a sign, fill it out, and take a picture with it.

2) Set up a “photo booth” somewhere in your rehab and let patients and team members take photos together holding the signs. Grab a few simple props like party hats or funny glasses that people can wear. Make it fun!

3)  Share your photos on social media with the hashtag #CardiacRehabWeek2017 (and make sure to tag LSI so you can be entered into our contest).

[download id=”6096″] and start snapping!


cardiac rehab week recipes

Share heart-healthy recipes. 

Offering heart-healthy recipes is a wonderful way of encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle. To save you time, we’ve created a [download id=”6098″] included (you know what they say–an apple a day keeps the doctor away). Here are three ways to use them:

1) Simply print them off and share with others.

2) Print off several copies and cut them lengthwise and crosswise (so each recipe can be given away individually). Pick up a bag of apples and give away an apple with each recipe.

3)  Prepare a recipe and serve it to fellow celebrators as a tasty snack.

[download id=”6100″] and start cooking!


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