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Congestive Heart Failure Patients Are Coming. Are You Ready?

Congestive Heart Failure

CHF patients will be in your rehab soon. This great news also comes with some unique exercise prescriptions. Knowing that CHF patients have impaired cardiac output and function, it is vital to keep track of their heart rates and know whether they are exercising within their correct prescription. The LSI heart rate monitor will ensure that the patient stays within their prescription or the clinician will be alerted by the telemetry monitoring system.

The prescription for CHF patients is important to pay attention to as it differs from the average cardiac rehab patient. The THR needs to be between 40-75% of their VO2max. The sessions should be 20-40 minutes to start out and increased by the patient’s individual needs. The patient should have 3-7 sessions a week or as prescribed by their clinician. If the heart rate is altered, use the RPE scale and dyspnea scale to target workloads.

All of these exercise parameters are measured with the LSI telemetry monitoring system. EKG monitoring and SPO2 monitoring are also measured with the LSI cardiac telemetry management system. The LSI telemetry monitoring system has you prepared for all of your cardiac and pulmonary rehab patient’s needs including your heart failure population.

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