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Cardiac Rehab To Increase With Approval of Heart Failure Coverage

Exciting news for Cardiac Rehab!

With the approval of heart failure coverage, rehabs can look forward to a much anticipated increase in patient volume.  But with growth comes additional challenges.  CHF (cardiac heart failure) patients have additional needs beyond the traditional exercise program supported by ECG telemetry monitoring.  Signs and symptoms, such as dyspnea, decreased oxygen saturations, weight gain, and cardiac arrhythmias need to be carefully monitored.

Caring for Heart Failure Patients

LSI offers multiple solutions to caring for heart failure patients.  Continuous SpO2 monitoring provides an uninterrupted display of oxygen saturations throughout the entire exercise session, eliminating the need to spot check and allows staff more time to spend with the patient.  Vital signs, dyspnea levels, oxygen saturations and daily weights are all conveniently located in the Rehab Log and can be displayed as graphical trends, as well as populated into Summary and Progress Reports that can be shared with physicians.  The ECG monitoring capabilities provides a crisp, clean ECG to help with early detection of arrhythmias associated with heart failure.  LSI also has a built-in, customizable ITP that can be used to assess your patients and track valuable data.  Let LSI’s many automated features work for you, so you can focus on caring for your CHF patients during this exciting new time in cardiac rehab history!

By Truie Benninger, LSI Clinical Specialist

Truie Benninger

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