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2019 Day On The Hill Update

2019 Day On The Hill Update

As everyone may or may not know, HR.1155/S.1361 was passed by Congress as part of the ACCESS Act – Advancing Chronic Care, Extenders, and Social Services, and Medicare Extender package. This is a huge success for our industry, but we still have plenty of work to do!The LSI team joined Karen LaFond of South Shore Hospital at AACVPR’s annual Day on the Hill to encourage Congressional leaders to revisit Section 603 of the Balanced Budget Act of 2015. Also known as the Site Neutrality rule, Section 603 states that any outpatient hospital service that relocates more than 250 yards from the main hospital campus must charge according to the Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) which is almost half of the Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) for cardiac and pulmonary rehab services.

AACVPR maintains regular communication with Congressional leaders to encourage a change in the Site Neutrality rule to exclude cardiopulmonary rehabs. Attendees of 2019’s DOTH had several successful meetings with staffers. We will continue to keep an eye on legislation changes as they relate to this matter.

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