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Life Beyond Heart Disease | World Heart Games 2016

Life Beyond Heart Disease | World Heart Games 2016

Try as they might, the looming spring rain clouds in Charlotte, North Carolina couldn’t overshadow the bright spirit of the 2016 ACSM World Heart Games. With ponchos and pickleball racquets in-hand, competitors gathered from across the country to celebrate life with healthier hearts.

As an Olympic-style event, the ACSM World Heart Games provides two days of safe, fun and relational competition for those who have experienced a cardiopulmonary event or live with risk factors. Dr. Sanders, Chairman of the World Heart Games committee has seen firsthand the impact this competition can have.

“When people have heart issues, they come in [to cardiac rehab] feeling pretty depressed,” he said. “For patients, I think the games really give them something to look forward to and train for. It’s great fun seeing these people enthusiastically embrace it and say ‘Hey, I’m an athlete again!’ For me, that’s very rewarding, as it is for most cardiac rehab professionals.”

Watch this video to hear what other professionals and patients had to say about their experience at the World Heart Games.

 As corporate sponsor of the World Heart Games, LSI was proud to provide both financial and volunteer support to an event that brings such joy to its participants. “When you sit in the classroom you’re learning about being healthy. This is being healthy,” said LSI President, Korey Sixbury of the games.

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LSI’s mission is simple: dedicated to improving lives. Events like the World Heart Games help put faces and names to patients and providers whose lives are impacted through LSI’s industry advocacy.

Learn more about LSI’s other industry advocacy efforts, including free educational materials here.

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