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The 18-Visit Model

The 18-Visit Model

At LSI, we’re dedicated to helping your cardiac rehabilitation program become more effective and efficient. We understand that every program has its own unique challenges and we strive to provide the resources you need to overcome them.

For programs with full classes and long wait times, we recommend an 18-visit model in which each visit includes an exercise session and an education session. Why? Many programs report that patients do not attend their education sessions, even if they regularly attend their exercise sessions. But research demonstrates that education is just as important as exercise for patients with heart disease. By combining both exercise and education sessions into each visit, programs can be more efficient by completing all 36 sessions in just 18 visits while also ensuring higher participation rates in education sessions.

We’ve created a two-page handout with a sample 18-visit model and a list of topic ideas for 10-minute “mini-lectures.”

Visit our Educational Library to request a copy of this handout.

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