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How to Celebrate Pulmonary Rehab Week | March 12-18, 2017

How to Celebrate Pulmonary Rehab Week | March 12-18, 2017

Happy Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week from all of us at LSI! To celebrate your dedication to improving lives, we’ve collected a few ideas for how you can easily celebrate Pulmonary Rehab Week with your team and patients.

Pulmonary Rehab Week Celebration Idea #1

Get social.

Beginning the conversation about pulmonary health is an important place to start. We’ve created a shareable social media graphic to help start the dialogue. You can download your graphic here.

Pulmonary Rehab Week Social Media Tile

Pulmonary Rehab Week Celebration Idea #2

Hand out flyers with pulmonary rehab benefits.

This is a simple way to raise awareness about the benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation. We’ve created a printable flyer for you to hang in your office or handout at your hospital. Download the printable flyer to start spreading awareness today!

Pulmonary Rehab Flyer

Pulmonary Rehab Week Celebration Idea #3

Provide fresh fruit.

Make lung-healthy foods readily available to patients in your office. Apples, grapefruits and oranges all contain vitamins that promote healthy function. Download this printable poster and put it next to the fruit to explain the occasion and encourage patients to take one.

Pulmonary Rehab Week Poster

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