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We’ve built an unmatched team of industry advocates
with a shared vision for cardiopulmonary advancement.


Truie Benninger, MS, CCRP, Regional Director

“LSI clinical specialists have years of experience working in cardiac and pulmonary rehabs. We understand the day-to-day needs of a rehab and can help our customers utilize the LSI system to meet those needs.”

LSI our team Sean-Murphy-2

Sean Murphy, VP of Operations

“The industry is ever changing. We’re confident as things progress throughout the industry that we’re staying on top of it – you can be reactive to things, but LSI looks to be proactive. We understand times are changing and knowing how we need to change is just as important.”


Korey Sixbury, President

“If our technology isn’t making a difference in someone’s life, or their job – making their work day easier – then at the end of the day it could be the greatest technology in the world, but there’s no meaning behind it. Relationships are what give our product meaning.”

Jennifer Broome, Senior Clinical Specialist

“At LSI, I get to make a difference in people’s lives. We understand what it takes for cardiac and pulmonary rehabs to be successful. We constantly stay up-to-date on changes in the industry so we can pass the information along to our customers.”


Lee Peterson, Systems Integration Manager

“I love helping our product improve – like adding new features and reducing the workload for our customers. Seeing our customers’ positive reactions to new features we’ve implemented are some of my most rewarding experiences.”

Brandon Thompson, Director of Finance & Operations

“The LSI difference is the high-value service it provides. LSI sets the industry standard for support.”


Dr. Carl King, Consultant

“I’ve been in the cardiovascular field for 30 years and know how important it is for the industry as a whole to have advocates committed to growth.”

LSI our team Chad Rateike

Chad Rateike, Regional Director

“Prior to working with LSI, I was a former LSI customer from 2007-2009. LSI is unique because we establish relationships with our customers for lifetime-ownership, as opposed to just selling them a system.”

Ash Walker, Regional Director

“I have a passion for helping others, and being part of the LSI team affords me that blessing every day. Our team is made up of people who have worked in the cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation field, so we understand the needs of our customers. As a previous LSI customer, I can attest to the value they placed on the relationship with my program before, during, and after our system was purchased.”


George McConnel, Software Systems Engineer

“LSI’s mission is to make the world a better place, which for us means developing medical software. I like to think we’re here to help.”

Ricco SastoqueProduction Manager

“I have been involved with the manufacturing of various products for more than 20 years and the passion from LSI’s leadership for quality and innovation is second to none.”

LSI our team Michelle-Weber

Michelle Weber, Administrative Coordinator

“Our staff truly cares about our customers and their patient’s health. We listen and learn to help improve our customers cardiac rehab equipment and their department.”


“Thank you very much for pushing our installation and training forward at the last minute! Your team was extraordinary customer friendly. Truie has been exceptionally helpful.”

Cecily | Lanham, Maryland